Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Snowshoe Shuffle

This afternoon, Declan's 4th grade class did a fundraiser for their 4th grade camping trip coming up in May (that seems like a long way away right now, but it will be here in a flash). The fundraiser was a snowshoe shuffle at the neighborhood golf course.

Hilariously, we've had so little snow so far this winter that the kids could have really just run around the golf course instead of going through the hassle of putting snowshoes on, but I guess that takes a little bit of the thrill out of the theme--snowshoe shuffle.

The kids trekked from the school over to the golf course (I forgot how fricking slow kids walk).

Eventually, they made it.

Declan with a few of his posse: Ian, Declan, Sidney, BFF Jack

We helped them all get into their snowshoes, they lined up. . .

And off they went.

I hope all these overcast skies are bringing some snow. This lack of sunshine is bringing me down, man.

Jack leading the way. Declan just behind him.

Jack takes a dive. Declan runs right past him. That's loyalty for you .

I trotted around the course in my snowshoes with a few friends. I'm happy to say I beat a few 4th graders. That always makes me feel good.

Declan crossing the finish line. He came in 7th. Very exciting.

Here he is allegedly having a heart attack. I told him to hold still so I could take his photo. He's thirsty. For some reason, he didn't see fit to bring the Camelbak I so lovingly prepared for him and put in his backpack. So I have no sympathy. You can eat some snow when I'm finished.

Declan and Jack celebrating their finish.

The Motley Crew--aka the 4th grade.

Next fundraising effort for the camping trip? The complete opposite of a snowshoe shuffle: Little Ceasar's Pizza sales. You know how happy that makes me feel.

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