Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random Questions for the Day

With one small exception that I will complete tonight, I just finished a big work deadline. Now I'm pretty much mentally out of it. And physically out of it. I have the cold the boys had last week. Many times when one of them gets a cold I can keep the other one from getting it and can also keep myself from getting it. It requires a lot of obsessive compulsive handwashing on everyone's part, which also causes my hands to crack open and bleed in a very unattractive manner, but I'm a martyr like that and am OK with it.

So I was sitting here in the wake of my procrastination, which is what got me into this state to begin with, and I began pondering what I will tackle on my to do list now that I'm not frantically chasing a deadline. I then became distracted by my own wandering thoughts.

Happens all the time.

Because I'm simple that way. And easily distracted.

What was I saying?

I think I was going to talk about random questions for today, but frankly, I've forgotten what they are. Because over the course of the 5 minutes I've been sitting here trying to remember where they are, I've had to: admire Lego creations; endure questions from someone about why I didn't wash his hockey gear last night and I had to point out to this person that I told him to leave the items out to be washed, but that didn't happen so the result is re-wearing your hockey gear; take a moment to ponder how I put the same menu item on our meal calendar twice this week by mistake causing a logistical issue with ingredients for tonight; consider how mean it would be to make my son walk to hockey--I feel too sick and tired to get up go anywhere, even in the car. I don't think I can heave that heavy hockey bag into the car.

I then suddenly spent some time shopping for flights to England. Not that we're going. I just had the urge to window shop and daydream, and probably procrastinate folding laundry.

I felt lazy and didn't fix my kids a healthy snack. I let them eat Bugles (yes, they still make them and they're pretty darn tasty) that were leftover from a class project to make a topographical map of Colorado. The Bugles served as the Continental Divide. I would post a picture, but when I upload it, Blogger keeps turning it sidewise. Very annoying.

I thought about what we will be eating for dinner tonight and how I really haven't eaten very healthfully this past week. Hence, the cold, I'm guessing. I have no desire to force vegetables on anyone, including myself, this evening.

I tried to remember when the last time was I had a shower. I think it was Saturday. Maybe Friday. It's not pretty either way.

Became slightly overwhelmed at the number of school/sports/fundraising activities on the horizon that need my attention. They will take up all of my free time until the next magazine starts. Angst.

I'm about to doze off typing this--I'm that tired and this post is that boring.

Must run. I have to muster the energy to make Declan walk to the rink now.


1dreamr said...

*Smile* Hope you feel better soon! I think some popcorn and chocolate might help speed your recovery along!

sheila said...

Yep, I've heard chocolate does wonders for viral infections! As far as your poor, cracked, bloody hands, I love Aquaphor. It's kind of greasy but I spend a minute or two rubbing it in and then wipe the excess off on a towel or paper towel. It's great for feet so your heels don't crack and I'm addicted to putting it on my lips. I have a tub at home, a tube in my purse and mini tubes that I take on the motorcycle. It's great for diaper rashes (well, ok your kids AND mine are out of diapers). No, I am not a paid spokesperson! Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

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Lisa said...

Awwwww! Your one tired pup. Get a good night's sleep and everything will look better in the morning, Natalie!

Leeann said...

Now THIS was a free for all post! lol

I hope you are feeling much better, dear girl!

xo (from a distance!)

Mountain Mama said...

BUGLES!!! My mouth salivated when I read that your boys were eating Bugles. Love those things.
Really? They still make them!

Try popcorn with extra butter for your cold. :)

オテモヤン said...


Lucinda said...

You had me at Bugles...There was a girl in my unit at college whose mom would send her a giant coffee can full of Bugles that had been dipped in icing (just the open end) with a plain M&M inserted into the opening. When you mentioned Bugles, that's what came to mind.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Love ya!