Sunday, February 28, 2010


Warning: Braggy Mother Post coming up!

So this morning, after four months of practice and games around the state, Declan's Squirt C hockey team ended their regular season of play undefeated, with a record of 10 - 0, and at the top of their league. Yahoo! Very proud of the boys, and Katie--the lone girl on the team--for their hard work!

Check out the pictures I took on our really crappy little camera whose flash doesn't seem to work unless the subject is right in front of me thus overexposing said subject.

Here you can just make out the team, who has just run out of the bench, piling on top of Declan, celebrating their win.

Here is Declan coming off the ice at the end of the game, horrified that I'm making him stop to take his picture.

Here is a picture of Finn because he was jumping around yelling, "Take my picture! Take my picture!"

Declan coming out of the locker room. Mortified that I'm there with a camera.

Declan and his buddy, Zane, post-game. Zane wouldn't smile. Trying to look tough.

An actual good photo of the team, taken after the Denver tournament where they were third (the loss we had there didn't count as league play). The actual, good photo was not taken by me.

Now we move on to playoffs as the top seed in two weeks' time. If the team comes out on top at playoffs, we go on to states in Denver in about a month. That's a lot of hockey still to come. I feel weary.

And here are just two random and cute photos of Tara, Craig and Garvin's new puppy, Shep:

A friend gave us this stuffed horse. Shep likes to alternately chew on it, wrestle with it, and then snuggle with it.

Tara is calling Shep. She doesn't want to leave the horse.


Kristie said...

Congrats to Declan and all his team mates! And don't worry about mortifying him with your camera. That is your JOB as a mother. :)

1dreamr said...

Congrats, Declan!! Way to go! Good luck in the playoffs!