Tuesday, February 23, 2010

St. Baldrick's Day--Part 2: The Ask

Well, I warned you it was coming, and now here I am. March is nearly upon us, which means it's time for St. Baldrick’s Day--a day where people shave their heads to raise money for pediatric cancer research and in solidarity with pediatric cancer patients.

It's a good thing our local event is March 6th, because Declan and Eamonn are in desperate need of haircuts. . .

Look at the do's on those dudes! Actually, Finn might need a haircut worse than anyone, but he says he's keeping his. I'm fine with that. Happy belated birthday to Eamonn, by the way!

It's hard to believe it's been nearly six years since we heard the words, "Your son has cancer." Watching Finn go through treatment over the course of the next 3 1/2 years was hard, which, quite frankly, is the understatement of a lifetime.

It's still really hard for me to look at pictures from when Finn was in treatment without getting a little (OK, big) lump in my throat. Last week, Mary, whose son, Nathan, had neuroblastoma (a horrible, horrible pediatric cancer), told me that she doesn't have any pictures up at all from when Nathan was in treatment because she can't bear to look at them. I totally get that.

But the good news is that today, Finn is 2 1/2 years off treatment and doing well. In 2012, we hope to hear the words, "cancer free." Despite the hard times, Finn and our family are among the lucky ones. Countless others, including friends we’ve met along the way, haven't been so fortunate.

We’d love to think that one day, no parent will have to hear the word “cancer” and “your child” in the same sentence ever again. Will it happen in our lifetimes? We don't know, but we’re going to do everything we can to help. One way we've decided to do that is through St. Baldricks, which is dedicated to fundraising and research specifically for pediatric cancer.

This year, Declan and Eamonn have joined forces as Team Mighty Finn to raise money for St. Baldricks. No talking smack and trying to outdo each other this year--they're just trying to set a new record for fundraising! Shaving their heads for St. Baldrick's is fun, but it's fun with a purpose. Join us by donating today. Let's erase the word cancer from our children's vocabulary!

Now, we realize the economy has put a pinch, to say the least, on everyone’s budget. If you can contribute $5, $10, $100—great. If you can’t—we understand. If you would like to donate this year, you can link directly to the Team Mighty Finn page and view Eamonn and Declan's individual pages by clicking on “view all team members” from there. You’ll see the boys’ cousin, Garvin, and one of Declan’s classmates who joined Team Mighty Finn, as well. Kids fighting cancer for kids—very cool.

Our local event is scheduled for Saturday, March 6, from 1 – 5 p.m., so if you live in the valley, come on down to the Eagle fire station, hang out and join the fun! If you live outside the valley, come take a ski vacation and we’ll put you up for free. . .in exchange for a generous donation to St. Baldrick’s, of course!

2009--Before the shaving

2009--During the shaving

2009--After the shaving.

We are so grateful to have each and every one of you in our lives. You were (and continue to be!) there for us, in person or virtually, through the most difficult time we have ever faced. We couldn't imagine our lives without you. We are blessed in more ways than you can ever know.

Natalie, Eamonn, Declan, and, of course, The Mighty Finn!


1dreamr said...

Okay then, please pass the tissues. Excellent post and $ on the way! Here's celebrating six years... with 70 or 80 more to come!!

Beth said...

Well Natalie....this is one way you could control your hair.

We're on board to support Team Finn via your FB post. Wonder if it counts if I shave my dog?