Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Beer. It's What's for Easter.

The boys and some friends enjoying a little apres ski on Easter Sunday.

I'm kidding, of course. They didn't drink beer. They did shots.

Kidding again. We would never let them do shots on Easter.

We woke up to this:

But later it cleared and we headed to the mountain, met up with some friends, and spent the day skiing.

Finn was crabby. Found out later he was getting sick. We made him keep skiing because we want our kids to be tough mountain kids. And we're clueless. And we wanted to stay until it was s'more making time at the fire pit.

We made it to the fire pit. The kids made s'mores. I ate 4 homemade gourmet marshmellows (toffee x2, vanilla bean, kahlua). I didn't drink any beer because I didn't want to ruin my preparation for my detox food plan I was starting on Monday. Apparently I didn't feel the marshmellows would be a problem.

Preparing for Easter, the day before.

We're now busy eating a lot of hardboiled eggs. Well, not me, because I'm trying to be a gluten-free vegan for the next two weeks. I'll report back on how that goes. I've discovered it's really hard to be a gluten-free vegan when you decide to make brownies for teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. Let alone the week after Easter.

Hunting for eggs. Note the hockey bag in the background. It's usually packed away by this time of year. This year's a little different. More on that later. . .

Here's the view out the back door this morning.

At least it didn't happen on April Fool's Day.


Good-Dees said...

WOW totally gluten free vegan...I found out that I'm gluten sensitive and I find that frustrating at times - the vegan part is easy though. Trader Joes (their brand) has a gluten free waffle (vegan) that is totally kick butt...if you have Trader Joes near by. EAT ON!

Mountain Mama said...

Here's to kids drinking! Cheers.

I am kidding. :)

Leeann said...

Looks like you are getting snow to make up for the lack of it in December and January, right? ;-)

Good luck with your cleanse. I definitely want to hear how it goes!

1dreamr said...

The boys look so grown up in these photos!

Anonymous said...

Why is it marshmellows? I always thought the word/spelling was marshmAllows.

Anonymous said...

Why gluten free? I have to cook that way for my hubby...need any help?


Beth said...

That picture of Finn with the Woody hat was the first picture I ever saw of him. Yowza! How things have changed! Who'd have thought he'd be beer guzzling already?

Good luck with that vegan deal. I have mucho respect for you (really--I have zero will power, but lots of good intentions). I have a friend who went vegan and she lost 14 pounds in the first 18 days. All attributable to eliminating animal products.