Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I'm so unmotivated. I don't know what my problem is. I can't think of anything to blog about. Got any burning questions you'd like to ask?

Here's some random junk. . .

I'm thinking it's time to cut my hair. I'm kind of over it. It was great during ski season--a great big ponytail flopping out the back of my helmet--but I feel like the long hair makes me look even more tired than I really am. I know if I left it, it would be pretty curly and cool-looking in Ohio this summer, but it will also be hot. Eamonn's cousin is getting married this summer, in Virginia. My hair immediately frizzed upon hearing this news. So I'm wondering if I should just chop it off and be done with it.

But then I'll have to pay exorbitant amounts to keep it short again.

What to do, what to do.

It's supposed to snow here for the next 24 hours. Today we had gale force winds. And when I say gale force winds, I mean when I took a walk into town to pick up Finn's prescription, the wind nearly knocked me down. And I am not a featherweight.

The school talent show is in two weeks. Tryouts are tomorrow and Friday. I loathe the talent show. Loathe it. Naturally, the boys want to take part. Last year, there was some actual talent at the talent show. Not really by Declan and his friends though. I know that sounds mean, but they wanted to lip sync and do this hip hop dance to Flo Rida's "Right Round." And their routine was actually pretty decent. But the song got nixed because of some language (frankly, I couldn't even understand the lyrics) and they had to pick a new song. The new song wasn't as good, they didn't really do a routine because every time we got them together to practice, they just messed around, so in the end, it wasn't that great. I think they pretty much felt like rock stars though, which is the important part.

So this year, Declan and his friend, Jack, decided to ask their little brothers, Finn and Reed (Reed is in kindergarten), to join them. They are doing a routine to "Ice Ice Baby." How hilarious is that? But again with the not wanting to do an actual routine and not really wanting to practice. Doing it once isn't practice in my book. So today, the mothers intervened. We brought in a third party, my friend's friend with some junior high cheerleading experience, to teach the four boys some moves.

Finn tried the routine once or twice and then dropped out because he didn't realize that practice actually meant working hard at something. You know--like doing it over and over.

Declan got ticked off when I tried to show him a step ball change. "I KNOW how to do it!" Trust me, he didn't.

And it is painfully apparent that my offspring really don't have any sense of rhythm.

In the end, our former cheerleader really got the boys going on a pretty decent routine, so I do not feel as if I will be sitting in the audience cringing this year.

But it did make me wonder. Should we just have let them stand up there and not really do anything? Or is it a good thing we intervened? What will their memories be? "Remember that year our moms wouldn't leave us alone about the talent show and we had to practice like 5 million times and they were so annoying?"

I think I would probably make one of those hideous stage mothers. I should stick to being a hockey mom. It gives me gray hair, but at least I keep my opinions to myself.



Kristie said...

It can't be any worse than the year Kellen and Kendrie performed in the Talent Show with a dual pogo stick routine, then spent more time bowing at the end than they did actually jumping on their pogo sticks. (sigh)

Haley said...

I have no rhythm either...I actually have to watch people clap in order to clap to a song. It is very sad, but I'm sure the boys will be fine, as no one can be as bad as me!

For your hair, you must try http://www.moroccanoil.com/. It works wonders on frizz! I have to get my hair thinned to combat my frizz. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

Good luck with the snow!