Sunday, April 11, 2010

End of the Season

Today was the last day of the ski season at the resort where I worked again this year. It was time. I found myself grouchy and impatient with guests, even on my last day last week.

I know they're on vacation. I'm grateful they come here and spend their dollars when they have many other choices. Working in a resort does make me think about my own behavior on vacation. Am I late places? Maybe sometimes. But I do find it strange that people show up for a ski lesson at 10:30am or so and expect to be accomodated when the lesson started at 9:00am. Do I obey the traffic laws? I try to. But if I got somewhere and an area used roundabouts instead of 4-way stop signs and I was unfamiliar with said roundabouts, I might ask someone how to drive on them instead of doing crazy things like stopping on them or driving all the way around in the outside lane.

There are countless other things, but the season is over and I can refrain from complaining. Until the summer visitors get here.

I had planned to take a zillion pictures of the boys and their friends skiing today and I didn't get my camera out once. It was hot. The snow conditions ranged from great to horrible. I was concentrating on not blowing out a knee on the last day.

But Tara and I skiied last Friday in incredibly great conditions. I thought the view into this tree run was pretty.

Then we skiied in and I crashed and burned the whole way through it.

This is the view from the top of one of my favorite runs--Rose Bowl. Tara is a little dot down at the bottom of the picture.

Now I'm ready to put the ski gear away and look forward to summer. This week I will be washing all of our ski garb which will likely trigger a snowstorm.

Just wanted to warn you.


Anonymous said...


This is totally unrelated to the subject of your post, but I stumbled upon another blog and thought of you.


A teacher is eating the provided school hot lunch for an entire year and documenting the experience, photos included. Gross.

Kristie said...

I find myself grouchy and impatient with my family. Does that mean its time for me to take an end of season break, too? :)

1dreamr said...

Gorgeous photos. What scenery!!! Sure beats Central Ohio!