Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Declan is Going Bald

Well, apparently I have to take back everything I said about Declan. He has registered to shave this Saturday!

Declan's St. Baldrick's Page

And there's no turning back. He gave a presentation to his class today, asked for donations, and invited everyone to watch him shave. Oh dear. Will there be tears? What about that giant flat spot on his head from when he was a baby? It's going to be out there for God and country to see now.

So go Declan! I need to buy some hats. And some sunscreen.

Finn and I are in Denver at our favorite hotel: Hampsten Fun and Suites. Not the actual name, mind you. This is how Finn reads the sign.

Tomorrow he has a sinus CT at 9am and then over to the clinic for what might be one of his last IViG infusions. Then we'll likely have his port taken out in April. Why the sudden rush? Our insurance company notified us they were dropping us as of May 1. Nice.


Leeann said...

What? WHY? Can they just DO that? That seems like it should be illegal or something.

AND GO DECLAN!! I am so impressed. You are on your honor to take LOTS OF PICTURES!!! And a video!


utahsweeney said...

Can't wait for the pictures! Also, I think there is a special place in "you know where" for the people responsible for dropping you from insurance!

Anonymous said...

You are at the hotel with the wrong man-of-the-house if you are at Fantasuites!


1dreamr said...

Don't even get me going on insurance companies... arghhh.

But, on a brighter note - way to go Declan! How cool!!

Joanne said...

Way to Go, Declan!!
Make sure your Mom sends us some pictures

May your insurance co. directors have a long slow burn in H***