Friday, March 14, 2008

Springtime in the Rockies

I don't know all of the actual words to the song that goes, "When it's springtime in the Rockies, I am coming back to you. . ." It just reminds me of my parents watching The Lawrence Welk Show on Saturday nights when I was little (followed by Emergency--hello, Randolph Mantooth). But was this what they were singing about?

Because somehow I pictured green grass, blooming flowers, and blue skies. Anyway, for those who want to engage in spring skiing, this is actually a sight to behold. For those who are ready for spring--not so much.

All About Declan
I love it when I can have a huge post about Declan. When your brother has cancer, sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes, you might have to blend into the background a little. You don't really want to, but stuff goes on and you sort of get the shaft. Your parents don't mean to, but sometimes it just happens.

Last Saturday, March 8th, was a day that was All About Declan. It was his last day of the Snowboard Outreach Society program that he did this winter. For five weeks this winter, Declan got up at 6:30am on a Saturday morning, which is earlier than he even gets up to go to school, and go with a group of kids from his school and one other school, and learn to snowboard. He had been dying to learn, and frankly, from what I've seen, he's now a convert. I wonder how many times we'll actually ever see him on skiis again?

Anyway,last Saturday was the last day of SOS and parents were invited to go, too. So Eamonn and Declan sent the day in Vail--Eamonn on skiis, Declan on a snowboard. Then Finn and I came to Vail as well for the "graduation" ceremony. A day of snowboarding with your dad, pizza for lunch on the slopes, a graduation ceremoney, all the cake you can eat, and then your mom sitting in the audience snapping pictures of you and clapping her hands every time you say something clever. That's a day all about you. And I'm glad for him when it happens.

Getting ready to ride

Work it, kid, work it

I didn't realize how much smaller Declan was than all of the other kids in his group. He went into an older group so he could be with Garvin. But then Garvin hit a tree on the first day of SOS and was never able to rejoin the group, leaving Declan on his own with the older kids. He made it!

Gabby, Declan's instructor, is telling the group about Declan's determination to stay with the older kids. He's eating it up. Nothing like being the center of attention. Ham.

The whole riotous gang

Declan and Gabby

Below are two video clips where you can actually see Declan snowboarding. Eamonn is trying to ski and film at the same time so don't watch these if you just ate. Or if you get motion sickness easily.

So now that I think about it, today has been all about Declan, too. He's had his birthday party tonight at the bowling alley arcade. We're having it early since his birthday falls during spring break. Because who wants to have a birthday party where no one shows up? I guess this would be infinitely cheaper for us as parents--no need to have so many quarters in my pockets that my pants fall down, but a bummer for Declan. So there you have it. A post all about Declan.

Oh grrr. Those clips aren't showing up. Angst. Angst. Angst.


Leeann said...

Hey Declan,

It was great to read a post ALL ABOUT YOU!

Congratulations on doing so well snowboarding and hanging with the older kids. You ROCK the HOUSE, boy!


1dreamr said...

Way to hang with the big kids, Declan! Congrats on doing such a great job! And, Happy Early Birthday, too!!

I'm totally ready for spring -- we're in the wet, dirty, soggy, muddy phase right now. There are still piles of that yucky dirty snow hanging around. I'm praying we'll see the sun tomorrow!

I had a HUGE crush on Randolph Mantooth back in the day. What a hottie! :-)

utahsweeney said...

I guess you have to be proud, even if your son decides to be a knuckle dragger! So far we've been able to prevent the conversion with our boys! Yey Declan - but don't follow Garvin into the trees! Looks like a great program. Laurie

Professor Sepoc (Jane) said...

How exciting! Guess you have to learn those snow sports when you're fearless. Very impressive!