Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Feet of Clay

Just in case my post from Sunday night (below) comes across as though we live in a plastic bubble (well, I'd never live in a plastic bubble because of the noxious fumes plastics give off, but you know what I mean) and we never eat anything bad for us, I want to set the record straight. I struggle on a daily (hourly) basis. I thought I'd list a few of my indescretions from the past 48 hours to enlighten you.

It actually started on Saturday night when I was filling Easter baskets. One chocolate, peanut butter filled egg for Declan, one for Finn, one for me. One Reeses Pieces eggs for Declan, one for Finn, one for me. Repeat pattern until eggs are gone.

Sunday morning. For some reason felt compelled to sneak some Easter candy before even eating breakfast. Continued this covert munching throughout the day. For dinner, I made a very delicious ham, that was, of course, made with nitrates and nitrates--a big yucky no no that none of us should be eating and it's in pretty much all things cured, like bacon, ham, sausage and all lunchmeats. And yet I happily made it, served it to my children and ate more than I should have. As a result of my chocolate and meat binging, I spent a good deal of the evening in the bathroom with an upset stomach. I won't elaborate on that.

Monday. Went skiing with Declan. He wanted eggs, sausage and toast before we left. Can't let the lad eat alone, can I? We usually ski with our lunch to avoid paying a million dollars at the resort, but as a special treat I told him I'd buy him lunch. After paying $16 for a plate-sized pizza that he didn't finish, I finished it for him because, I paid so much money for it, darn it. Last night we ate bangers and mash for dinner. Followed by chocolate chip cookies. . .and Easter candy when no one was looking.

This morning. Ate a great breakfast of oat groats and fruit. . .then when I was making some banana nut bread to take to some friends, I repeatedly took bites of the sweetened condensed milk which is one of the ingredients. I heard Martha Stewart say she does this, so to me, it's OK.

And we won't even talk about how on Saturday I made cookies for the firefighters to say thanks for hosting the St. Baldrick's event and I ate half the dough--no lie--in the process.

Hmmm, I'm reviewing all of that and thinking ick. And I wonder why I can't lose weight. But the point here is this is a constant struggle for me. And you know what? Sometimes I get sick and tired of trying to feed my children vegetables, so I just skip it. I feel like such a rebel.


Leeann said...

OMG, I thought I was the only freak out there who likes sweetened condensed milk! lol I could easily scarf a quarter of a can.

Speaking of not so healthy, we just had the most delicious unhealthy dinner. I made a German Dutch Baby apple pancake for dinner, served with some ham steak. C'mon, how good does that sound? lol

And I think what you all are doing is great. I'm not there yet myself but I can give a nod of approval!


Anonymous said...

I would love to know some of your favorite products that are "crap" free. I need somewhere to start!

Anonymous said...

Okay after reading your post, I am not going to feel at all guilty of sending you a box of goodies from Germany. I thought you could give them to your sisters, but I can see that probably will not happen. Do enjoy them when they arrive. It is cookies, chocolates and other bad things for you.

Love you,
Aunt Kathy

utahsweeney said...

Natalie, NOW THAT'S MY KIND OF POST!!! I guess my last comment struck a cord! I still haven't had the skin to go back and read the organic post, but I promise I will!! But after I'm typing this comment, I'm reading this post again right now! Keep it comin' girl!