Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'm Giddy with Excitement!

Finn learned to ski today!

I thought it would never happen (again with the positive thinking, I know). Last year, he really wanted nothing to do with skiing. Looking back, it was probably a combination of still not a lot of stamina--he'd only finished chemo about four months before we tried him in a ski lesson--and also what we now know is low muscle tone from his sensory processing issues.

But this year seems to be different. Finn's occupational therapy has really helped strengthen his core muscles (I should be so lucky) and we can really see the changes. He didn't even seem to be able to stand on the skis last year. Yesterday when Eamonn mentioned about skiing, Finn expressed interest and we jumped at the chance.

We went to the Ritz Carlton at Bachelor Gulch. Obviously, the hotel is owned by the Ritz, but the ski area is part of the Beaver Creek resort. Anyway, they have a magic carpet (you'll see what that is if you watch the video below) that is open to the public vs. just being for the ski school. So we went there today and while I was out skiing with Declan (very poor skiing by me, I might add. I think I pulled a muscle in my left foot and thought I was going to have to be stretchered off the hill, but Declan, in a nice role reversal, talked me down.) Eamonn taught Finn how to ski!

Check the little bugger out:

I think he did the magic carpet about 30 times.

Now it's 8:10pm. Why isn't he passed out with fatigue?

As an aside, while I was originally taken with watching Finn, I soon became obsessed with how I sounded on the video clip. In a word: ick. Anyone who has ever heard me talk in person--is that what I really sound like??? And egad. I've got to stop shrieking like that.

And as another aide, WOW, the Ritz? That's my kind of place. Not that we could ever afford to actually stay there or anything. Beaver Creek is known for its Cookie Ladies--at 3pm each day, they come out with warm chocolate chip cookies for the skiiers. Sorry Beaver Creek, the Ritz comes out with hot cookies AND hot chocolate! Oh yes, I am easily swayed by hot chocolate. Clearly, my employee loyalty to Vail Resorts is for sale for the price of a cup of hot cocoa.


Leeann said...

Way to go, FINN!! You ROCK!!!!!

And Natalie, you sound fine to us, even if you sound annoying to yourself. Don't you know we ALL sound annoying to ourselves?! ;-)

jean said...

Yay Finn! Think we can get a copy of those core exercises from his OT?

1dreamr said...

He looks like a natural! Love the video!

Happy New Year!!!

(I think we all cringe when we hear ourselves talk!! I know I do!!!)