Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Want My MP3

Recall that Finn was given an iPod Shuffle from Make-A-Wish the night before we left on our trip to NYC. He also received an iTunes giftcard (which I couldn't get to work--angst). Then an anonymous benefactor decided Declan needed his own iPod Shuffle and it arrived last week (thank you, anonymous benefactor).

But even up until Declan received his own iPod, the boys have been after me for weeks to download songs and load Finn's iPod. Well, Christmas came and went and I still hadn't done it. I promised today would be the day.

First, the giftcard wouldn't work, which caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth, but we loaded some of our own CDs onto the computer and soon the iPods were sync'ed and the boys were jamming. I have spent most of the day listening to them singing different songs at the same time. Comical, and yet slightly grating all at the same time.

When they weren't singing, they were telling each other: "Dude, you've got to hear this song (even though with the exception of some Thomas the Tank Engine songs on Finn's iPod, their playlists are the same).

They were so enamored of the iPods, I couldn't get them off their heads.


Oh yes, my children are watching TV and listening to their iPods at the same time. Digital overload anyone?

They wanted to sleep in the iPods, but I explained that they could strangle themselves with the headphones in their sleep. Because, you know, I'm a ray of sunshine like that. I think I just heard the theme music for Debbie Downer playing in my head.


in a world surrounded by men said...

Now we just need some video of them dancing to their tunes!

1dreamr said...

Ahhhh, yes... the digital world. What would we do without our gadgets! :-) Glad the boys are enjoying their "tunes."

Popeye said...

I just love to read Ur stuff. You are an awesome momma. on the overload note: I did see my niece, Amanda (now a grade school teacher) reading a book, talking on her cell while listening to walkman, with her feet up on the table. Now that is multi-tasking.