Saturday, January 24, 2009

Prayer for a Friend

I know I'm forever asking you to send prayers or good thoughts to people. It's because you're so good at it!

Remember last fall when Finn was having such a tough time at school? Hmmmm, will we ever forget it? Anyway, I talked about two people who were so wonderful to Finn, who really took him under their wings and helped him through those challenging weeks. One person was Mrs. Angel, a kindergarten teacher. The other was Mrs. Librarian. I'm convinced that both of them are angels on Earth. I don't know how Finn would have made it through those first weeks without them. Both of them are such dear, dear ladies.

One of the things that helped Finn bond with Mrs. Librarian, whose name I can now tell you is Ruth, is that she is a cancer survivor. This woman is so fantastic. I felt an instant connection with her the first time I met her more than a year ago at a PTA meeting. She welcomed me to the meeting and then for some reason we got chatting. Someone had told me she was a cancer survivor and so I think we started talking about raw food. Several times I took her some raw experiments to sample. She was a great inspiration.

And then of course, after this fall, I am just so grateful to her for her quiet, gentle nature that really helped Finn find his way at school. She is amazing. Amazing.

On Tuesday night, I found out Ruth's cancer has recurred. She underwent surgery on Tuesday and is still in the hospital, frustrated, as we all would be, by the whole process. I get it. Boy, do I get it.

Would you guys do me a favor? Would every person who comes here and reads this go to Ruth's blog and just let her know there are people out here wishing her well? When you used to leave messages for me on Finn's CaringBridge page, it changed my whole outlook on the day. Heck, it still does. Strength in numbers. I'll never underestimate it. Let's barrage her with good wishes in her comment section. Her daughter, Sarah, is blogging the latest several times a day.

Thanks, everyone.


Mom on the Run said...


I stopped over and left a comment for Ruth and family. I'd like to stop over again. Which brings me to this...could you put the website addresses for this family and the family of the young boy with cancer in a box on this blog that people could click? The box would appear in the side bar underneath your list of posts.

Go to Customize, Layout, Add a gadget, and HTML Box (I think). You need to put the url address where it is required. You might need two boxes. Anyway, I've reading caringbridge pages for a few years, and liked the ability to link to other pages.

Thanks for thinking of your friend!


1dreamr said...

Strength in numbers, indeed. I'm on my way right now. :-)

Anonymous said...

I will hop on over there and wish Ruth well.

Sorry for the loss of your grandma.