Monday, January 26, 2009

Miscellaneous Thoughts About the Buckeye State

I have been here 48 hours and I haven't seen the sun yet.

Humidity makes things really hot. . .and really cold. Dang! It's cold here!

I used to be psyched when we'd get three inches of snow and school would be cancelled. Now it's a mystery to me.

And before I begin this next section--a disclaimer: I am not a slim person. At all. I'm a wannabe slim person. But I do live in a slim state now. Which makes me feel slightly superior. . .until I look in the mirror. Anyway, Eamonn's family used to marvel at how overweight Americans were. This was back in the 90s and then convenience and fast foods hit England with a vengence and now they're a pretty chunky nation themselves (I'm telling you, watch You Are What You Eat on BBC America). I never really noticed it before until they mentioned it to me. And then I started looking around and realized they were right--there are so many overweight people in the U.S. in general. So anyway, I was about to board one of those small-ish planes from Chicago to Columbus on Saturday and I was once again surprised at how many heavy people were getting on the plane. We are such an unhealthy nation overall and it was a reminder to me that I need to recommit myself to a healthier lifestyle because I do NOT want people to look at me and think, "I hope she's not in the seat next to me," which frankly, is what I was thinking about a lot of these people. I hope I don't offend a lot of people with those comments, but as a country, we need to wake up and smell the coffee. Or water. Or some other low calorie drink.

With that tirade said above, I'm counting down the minutes until I can get to First Watch and have my favorite breakfast: Caps. Two eggs anyway you like (poached for me), served with broiled mushrooms (liberally coated with cheese), roasted potatoes and an English muffin. I dream about it.

I love central Ohio's local news programs. I like it better than the news in Colorado. When I come home, I can hardly wait to tune into Andrea Cambern. She's so darn cute. I didn't like her hair color and her bangs when we were here in August, but I'm sure that doesn't affect her news delivery. And Angela Pace? She's been on there forever. Where would central Ohio be without Angela? Their voices just calm me. I still relate more to Ohio news than Colorado news. We live 2+ hours from Denver, which is where our news comes from. Who the hell cares what's going on 2 hours away? Which I guess begs the question, why do I care what's going on a two-day drive away? Because I can picture pretty much everywhere they're talking about. Plus, I still have to read all that Ohio news for my Ohio clients and that's my excuse.

So no matter how much I poke fun at Ohio for it's top news story last night--labeled The Big Story (three inches of snow); the weather; or the poor eating habits, I still love it. Love it, love it, love it.

Now excuse me while I go eat some guacamole and chips. Just hope you're not sitting next to me on that little plane back home.


Kristie said...

Oh. Em. Gee!!! First Watch! I SOOOOOOO Miss First Watch!! Don't remember what it was called, but it was some kind of omelette thing with spinach and hollandaise over a croissant ............ YUM!!!!!

Safe travels to you, though ....

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

I just flew on Southwest....you chose your seat-or not if you board last like I had to. My mission was to get in the first middle seat between two smaller people...and I had success thank goodness!

MakesMeSmile said...

welcome home!

Anonymous said...

I haven't thought about the Ohio news teams for a long time. Of course, my parents who still live in Cadiz keep me abreast of all the lastest news developments:) I used to love Angela Pace. I 'm going back to Ohio in February to see my daughter, sister and brothers, parents, friends, etc. so I'll have to look her up! My favorite part of Ohio news is the accurate weather predictions. They're usually pretty close, at least within a few degrees. The first time I heard the weather 10 years ago when we moved to Colorado the temperature forecast was, and I quote, "todays temperataure will be between 39 and 76 degrees". What the heck??? Do I wear shorts or get our my winter jacket? Sure enough, on July 4th, while walking in our shorts, it started snowing!! I was amazed...and disturbed! I can no longer put away my winter clothes in the summer and my summer clothes in the winter! My closet is stacked!! I do hope when I go back to Ohio next month they don't get any of the infamous 3 inch blizzards that shut the entire city of Columbus, as well as I-70 and 270 and especially 33 to Lancaster which I always travel on. My daughter said they got 6 inches last night and her husbands construction company cancelled the day. Amazing! I think I'll stick the 39-76 degree difference!

1dreamr said...

If you get a chance, try "Rise and Dine" while you're in town, too (for breakfast). I LOVE IT. We go to the one at Maxtown/Polaris and State Street - in front of Giant Eagle. The people are soooo nice and the food is scrumptious!

Now, I must ask - is the 11 inches of snow they're calling for your idea of a cruel joke? Did you bring this crap with you??? How about some Colorado SUNSHINE to go with it, please??! My commute took a RIDICULOUS 2 hours this morning, and we barely had a dusting. I can hardly wait for tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Hope you aren't stuck here in this snow storm! We are supposed to get 7-10 inches here in Mansfield!