Thursday, February 26, 2009


Back in my wild and crazy grad school days, I might have been known to perhaps have a beer or two. . .and get a little silly on occasion. Some nights I might have been a little sillier than others causing some consternation the next day. Marci and I used to call each other the next morning to see if we had done something particularly cringeworthy--just in case our own memories had failed us.

Happily, once I left graduate school, cringeworthy events stopped happening. Until today.

Today I took a ski lesson that reminded me how to be humble. I had a great ski day on my own on Wednesday and apparently I was feeling a little ambitious. Ambitious enough that when the instructor said we might ski some bumps today, I readily agreed. Dope.

When we came out after lunch and headed directly to a black diamond run, I tried to skulk away. No such luck. A few runs later found me sliding down a bump run on my back. As I lay there in the snow, the instructor asking me if I was OK, I told him to just go away and leave me for the coyotes. It sounded like a better fate then trying to get down the rest of the run.

Later, after a miserable trip down the same black run from earlier, I was huffing and puffing at the bottom when a woman, who was skiing with her friends, zoomed up behind me and beamed, "That was so much fun!" I strongly considered knocking her down and poking her full of holes with my ski pole, but there were too many witnesses nearby to later claim that she was attacked by a flock of Alfred Hitchcock's birds. Where is Tipi Hedron when I need her?

So basically, I've been cringing since the end of the day. I hope I never see my instructor, Travis, again. And it isn't even because I was smooching him at 2am after a few too many beers. What a waste.


Mountain Mama said...

Poking holes into a girl probably is not a good idea. And the whole coyote thing ~ pretty sure you wouldn't want that either.(Caleb has a great story about his coyote hunt - i hope to post it today)

Oh, and by the way, at least you can say you did a black diamond - and survived!!! (well... kinda)

jean said...

And that, my dear, is why I'm not going to try to attempt to learn how to ski at our age... :-)

Mom on the Run said...

Good for you for trying a black diamond. I'm stuck on the blue runs. Not sure in my younger days I would have done well with black diamonds.

As for the girl who you anted to poke a pole at... in my life that person would be a mom with an impeccable outfit, blong hair, and lots of makeup. What would I poke at her? My car keys!