Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Someone Needs to Go to School Tomorrow. . .

. . .and it isn't me. Finn woke up Saturday night with croup (remind me when they stop getting croup, again?) and it turned into a sinus infection, complete with fever. The kids were off on Monday, but he has missed Tuesday and Wednesday now because of the fever. This is on top of the two days he missed a few weeks ago. Is he going to fail Kindergarten?

Don't get me wrong, the kid has been legitimately sick. A healthy child doesn't take a two hour nap and then go to bed at 7:00pm and sleep until 8:30am. I don't think that's ever happened before in his lifetime. I secretly liked it. I did not, however, like the sleeping in 15 - 20 minute spurts that has been the norm since Saturday night. In fact, Saturday night was when the croup set in and midnight found me out on the front porch in my skivvies trying to calm the inflammation in his chest with the cold night air. It worked, but my pajama pants nearly fell down in the process. Thank goodness it was dark.

But you know how it is. He still had a fever yesterday afternoon, so I wasn't outside the "24 hour no fever rule" so that I could send him to school today. And yet this morning, after his marathon sleep, he was up and rarin' to go. By 4:30pm this afternoon I was calculating how long it would be before I could get his little body full of pent up energy to bed. I let him crush me twice at Sorry to kill some time, but now, the time is 'nigh. Must run. The Sandman awaits my little wheezy lad.

As for me, I have now missed two days out of the busiest week of the year at the ski school. I fully anticipate having my ski pass revoked in retribution.


Kristie said...

Oh, bless him. Hope he is fully recovered (and back in class!) tomorrow!

Amber said...

At least he is feeling better. When my kids get croup, we put a humidifier in their rooms and it helps a lot. Albuterol works wonders if you have a nebulizer.

Mountain Mama said...

Gotta love it when the boys are mellow and restful. (Don't get to experience that very often.) Gotta hate it when they are sick, though. Hope he is feeling 100% very soon.

Leeann said...

Poor baby. And poor you!

I'm here in RI and the baby still seems to be relatively well but my brother is home sick today. His wife was sick all last week.

At home, my DH is home with the two boys, both sick with a virus thing in their chests. I am here freaking out because Chris has a propensity toward asthma but it hasn't been an issue in a long time. I just hope my Dh can deal with it as well as I do (and I don't mean that in a snotty way- it's just that my kids are what I *DO*, you know? I hate being away from them when they are ill.

1dreamr said...

Glad he's getting back to the "old Finn." :-)