Monday, February 9, 2009

It's Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature

Anyone remember a commercial with that tagline in the 70s? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Just a little trivia to start the week.

At any rate, I feel like Mother Nature is the one playing a cruel joke on me this year. Where is my Colorado snow?

I love winter. Love, love, love it in an obsessive weird way. While I don't like having to drive in snow with all of the crazies who try to drive their SUVs too fast (they think they're invincible in their big vehicles, but are always the ones in the ditch), I personally don't really mind driving among sane people in the snow (I have great snow tires). I love to see snow, to hear snow (it does actually have a sound when it's falling), be out in snow. I love the way snow makes the landscape look. I love to ski in it, walk in it, snowshoe in it, and watch the kids roll around in it. I've even been known to make a random snow angel as a grown up. Ah, snow.

In addition, because we live in a ski resort area, snow is vital to our economy.

And yet it eludes me this year.

We had record setting snow in December. A terrible teaser. Because now we've barely had any new snow since late December. I am starting to see grass on the edges of our yard. That usually doesn't happen until mid to late March.

The resorts, which are at least 2,000 feet higher than we are have had a few dustings. In fact, as I look our windows to the north, I can see that there is weather of some description happening up on an elevation called Castle Peak. Down here? Nothing. I guess if anyone should get the snow, it should be the slopes, but this is depressing. Last night I walked home from a friend's house in a freezing cold rain. Isn't this why I left Ohio? Gahhhhh! I can't stand it.

And now I've realized that I've turned into an opposite version of my mother who complained (still does) about how she hated winter weather each and every day from late October to mid-March while we were growing up. She wanted to know why the snow and cold wouldn't go away; I want to know why it's avoiding me.

You just can't please everyone.


sportzmom said...

Hopefully, you will have some snow soon. I jsut wanted to let you know that I gave you an award on my blog:
Kim in MD

Amber said...

I believe that snow and cold has been here in Ohio the past month. It is finally melting though, so maybe the Colorado snow will arrive on your doorstep soon enough!

1dreamr said...

Tell ya what, as tough as it will be, I am willing to sacrifice any further snowfall that may grace us here in Columbus, just to send it back your way!!

Lisa said...

Burr!! Snow....I am from the south...we can't handle the snow. Today we were in the mid
60's....that's the life for me.

Anonymous said...

Hellooooooo Natalie, I have the answer to your question.....

we have nicked all the snow and its here in the UK!

we have had heavy snow ( well for us its heavy 4inches) for the last week, weird and beautiful. Just now melting here but still heavy in lower parts of the country.

I should have made a snow angel!

Love Gerry X

Liz said...

Had a nice comment written up and Blogger ate it. Bah.

Anyway, I also love snow. And we've had 2 great snowfalls- both within a week of each other. And now, a week later, our foot+ of snow is gone because temps have soared into the 50's and beyond. *sigh*

Liz said...

oh yeah... your trivia question...

it was a margarine ad, right? i can't remember the brand...

Anonymous said...

Okay if you want snow, you need to come back to the Midwest. I am so sick of snow and shoveling my driveway that if I could send it to you, I would. So the next snow storm I will call you and you can come see me for the snow. Deal?

Kathy in Illinois

Anonymous said...

It's Parkay margarine (I think)...

I live 3 miles away from Marie's Candies and DID NOT KNOW they had a candy registry! (See? You can learn things on the internet!)
Put me down for PB fancies and chocolate hippos! If it makes you feel any better, I bought a 1/4 lb. of PBF's Friday--they were gone by Saturday morning--granted it was only 7 total, but still...probably explains why I don't stop there often and only buy small amounts at a time.