Tuesday, February 3, 2009

10 Random Things I Feel Like Writing Down Today

1. I have to drive to Denver in one hour. I suppose I should shower.

2. What's the deal with yoga? I thought it was supposed to be relaxing. How am I supposed to breathe when I'm all contorted like that?

3. I love my crockpot which I use to cook the life out of food all day.

4. We need snow.

5. The later years of Little House on the Prairie are kind of lame.

6. I apparently still know all the words to "Glory Days."

7. I cannot swallow even the tiniest of pills without drinking copious amounts of water.

8. I secretly like to watch Hannah Montana and the Suite Life of Zach and Cody. But not the Suite Life on Deck.

9. I have eaten eggs for breakfast every day for the past month. Wonder what that's doing to my cholesterol?

10. This year I want to be nominated as Andy Williams' biggest fan. I listened to him for two hours on the plane the other day and it's January. What a rebel.


Leeann said...

Was it not SO FUN singing along to Glory Days at the Super Bowl?!

I need good Crock Pot recipes. Need!!

Kristie said...

Ugh, the Suite Life on Deck is PAINFUL to watch!!! And I would know, considering how I've seen every freaking episode. (sigh)