Monday, November 29, 2010

Curly Girls

Have I really not posted for a week? There was a bit of a frenzy getting out of town for Thanksgiving. We were supposed to leave at about 2pm on Wednesday to drive to Utah to hang with Erin's clan for the holiday. I had to work on the mountain until 1pm.

But on Monday, there was talk of a snow storm. The same snow storm that had dumped 2 feet of snow on Utah. And it was rolling towards Colorado.

I raced around getting everything ready to go, but braced myself, and the boys for the fact that we just might not get there. In fact, I got everything ready to go except for my underwear, apparently, and waited to see what happened.

We did indeed wake up to a snow storm on Wednesday. I headed out on slippery roads to work. It took longer than usual, of course, and I was late on my first day, which was opening day. Nice.

They didn't fire me.

I got off early and by the time I drove home, the roads were decent. We decided to make a run for the border. Of Utah, that is.

Despite a few slippery roads coming over a pass in the last hour of our drive, we made it with no problem.

The cousins hadn't seen each other in over a year! The kids played, we all ate too much (remind me to make gluten free stuffing next year), I found a new favorite Christmas movie in Christmas in Connecticut (who recommended that to me? Was it one of you?), and then we had to drive home a day early because another snow storm was coming.

Such is life in the mountains.

So why is this post called Curly Girls? This is me with my niece Caroline, age 2.

Finn and I have been joined by another curly top. We totally had curly mojo going.

And then there was some football watching because it was The Game.

Unless you're not from Ohio or Michgan and then you don't really care. And we had to leave part way through to drive home anyway.

I ate a lot of popcorn in the car and listened to a murder mystery while the boys watched movies.

And I tried to avoid the zillion deer that felt they needed to wander into the road at dusk.

We are all still in one piece. Us and the deer.


Kathleen said...

Sound like you had a wonderful holiday. To make yourself better, just think that you were also eating Thanksgiving dinner for me who had to suffer throught the holiday in Salzburg. Love the pictures. Cannot get over how the kids have grown.

M said...

WHere did you go in UT? I used to live there ages ago...Nolan was goign to go there for TG but the storm kept him away.

Enjoy winter!

It was 35 degrees when I walked to work this a.m....that's COLD for here.

1dreamr said...

Love the pics! Caroline and her curls are adorable! Glad you made it to Utah, despite the weather.