Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Please Deposit Your Hide Here

I have to say, I did a double take when I passed this on the side of the road yesterday. In fact, I drove past it twice before pulling over to take the picture.

I remain a little mystified.

Why would you be driving around with a hide? If you were driving around with a hide, why would you decide to put it in this barrel? If there are hides in the barrel (darn, I realized I didn't get out and look in the barrel), how are they keeping all sorts of vermin from ransacking the barrel?

There were two magpies sitting on the rim the first time I drove by.

Wouldn't the barrel reek?

Still mystified. This is a new one for me.


Marci said...

What's up with the strange signs in CO this week?

Rita said...

Wow! I never thought I see something that looked MORE redneck than what we normally see here in Oklahoma! Color me IMPRESSED!

And, Natalie, I found YOUR blog through my neighbor Susan (from Friday Playdate).

And one more thing... PLEASE, don't look in the barrel. The sight of "hides" might permanently damage your psyche.

krueth said...

up here in Minnesota we have hide collection sites also and it goes for the Legion club for the vets of the wars, fund money or something or they can turn them in other places and get a pair of free gloves etc. from them. So, seeing that sign and your comments just made me smile so big, cause its so common up here :-) Wendy, a lurker

Beth said...

A little game of hide and seek with the hunters?

1dreamr said...