Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And so it begins. . .

I feel like maybe I should have ordered the boys' snowboots already.


Mom on the Run said...

Hi Natalie

I tagged you over at my blog for an "Eight Things" list.


Mountain Mama said...

Looks very familiar... argh!

Oh by the way. Hi. Im Ashley. And I drip with sweet. hee hee

Fun to see all your blog friends and comments.

Enjoy the snow!

Cate said...

Snowed here in Oregon today too though thankfully it didn't stick. I'm just not ready yet.

1dreamr said...

On the bright side, it sure does look pretty. :-)

Anonymous said...

Snow is good until New Year's, then I'm ready for spring, although in Minnesota it sometimes doesn't come until June! We're supposed to get some tomorrow, I have to FIND the boots!
Sheila in MN

Kim said...

How beautiful is that?! I want some. Instead we are in the middle of a TORRENTIAL rain/weather system, wisely named a pineapple express. It consists of moisture from the Hawaii and also mild temperatures.
Believe me. I would much rather have your snow--way prettier.