Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oh, the Irony

As I was pulling up to the grocery store today, I noticed a woman using the same reusable grocery bags from Whole Foods that I have. Way to go! Save the planet!

Then I noticed she was loading her groceries into a Hummer.


Mom on the Run said...

Was she wearing a fur coat and leather boots? Love the irony.

Leeann said...


Moments like that make me so happy.

first, because I love a good laugh


two, because it is one of those crystal clear "I can not WAIT to blog this!" kind of moments!

in a world surrounded by men said...

See, now I just get the plastic bags and feel better about it because I DON'T drive a Hummer.

Lauren said...

My worst experience as a veterinarian came on a long Saturday. New client to me; her vet wouldn't fit her in; sick dog. I diagnosed the problem quickly, but emergency surgery was needed. Client balked--too expensive. Then she decided to take my advice and go to the emergency care place for the surgery. She got there and somehow irritated the ER vet enough by complaining about the costs that they actually referred her elsewhere (I think they were wrong to do that, but that's not this story...). Eventually she decided to euthanize her dog after all, rather that do the surgery. I get that--some people have to make hard choices about what they can afford for pet care. She paged me--again, I am not her regular vet--and asked me to come to her house to do the euthanasia. I felt bad for the dog, and for her, so I agreed. As I drove over there late in the evening, I thought to myself, "What kind of car might I see in the driveway that would really put me over the edge?" I answered myself with a laugh, "A Hummer!" (We don't have many of them up here.) To my horror, I pulled up to a lovely house with a bright yellow Hummer in the driveway. (And a Volvo XCountry wagon and a new pickup truck.) I just felt sadder, and a little dirty, after that. The surgery might have been expensive, but it wasn't very risky and the odds of a successful cure were very high. So that's my Hummer irony story.

1dreamr said...

Heh, kinda like those auto execs showing up in private jets to beg for taxpayer money, eh? Whatta world.