Tuesday, November 4, 2008

THERE you are!

First, thanks to everyone who signed the guestbook on yesterday's post (see below). It really is so much fun to see who all is out there stopping by and reading. I have tons of new blogs to visit!

Speaking of which, did anyone notice how Ashley and Laurie brazenly refused my request to identify themselves? The nerve! Ha ha! Those two ladies are my sister Erin's BFFs over yonder in Utah and I spent time with them a few weeks ago when I went to visit Erin. I had met Laurie before, but it was the first time I'd ever met Ashley. It's always important to know the kind of hooligans your little sister is keeping company with. Stop by and check out their blogs sometime!

And how about you, Maryanne, lurking down there in Texas! An interesting tidbit about Maryanne, who I used to work with in Ohio: we both had dogs with the same name. Can you get over that madness?

I also noticed a disturbing trend: As Tracy pointed out, I would have very few readers if it weren't for Kristie. I mean seriously. Are there, like, five people who visit my site who didn't find me from Kristie? I think those five people are from my family. And Maryanne, of course. But good grief, I hope Kristie never stops blogging or I'll have to shut down my site.

I loved seeing where people are from. Truly, it's all over the U.S. And if we throw my sisters-in-law in, we can hit the UK as well. I guess we could say I have readership in Mexico, too, because everyone I know seems to have moved or will be moving there shortly.

Thanks, everyone, for humoring me and signing in!


Marci said...

Geeze, I did not even have time to leave my comment on the last post. I did not meet you back in 1992 (uugh)...you met me! Remember i was the one that barged into your little group and just assumed we would all be friends? Confirmed by Dave in the bar early on at grad school right? BFF ever since !!

Anonymous said...

I'm introducing myself on this post because I'm slow. Ok, not really. I was really busy at work today and spent my evening car shopping, so I didn't see it until now. I think I'm one of those who found you from Kristie's site a lonnng time ago. I got hooked because of your cute boys. Finn is a doll and I'm so glad that he is doing so well both health wise and in school! Declan looks exactly like my husband did as a kid so I'm kind of partial to him! I have curly wild can't-do-anything-with-it hair like yours. I live in the frozen north, although today it was 71 and felt like summer. Keep posting, you're one of my favorites and I check in on you every day!
Sheila in MN

jean said...

Maybe you need to talk to Erin about her choice of friends, if they're wanting to remain anonymous from the rest of her family... :-) Isn't that baby supposed to be coming soon?

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Denise and I found you because you know my mom and I know your grandpa, and I am SOOO glad things are going well for Finn and the rest of you. And you better not stop blogging or I'll tell your dad on you!!!!