Monday, November 24, 2008

A Week of Pictures

I realize I have been totally remiss in posting links to pictures recently. OK, I haven't actually been remiss, I've actually been lazy about uploading, editing, titling, and posting pictures. With all of the School Drama this fall, pictures just fell by the wayside.

So this week I'm going to make up for that. Try and contain your excitement. It'll be hard, I know.

Basically, I'm exhausted from cooking a "Thanksgiving feast" for 100+ kindergartners today and posting pictures seems like an easy way out tonight. I don't think I can come up with anything clever to say about cooking for 100+ kindergartners except that:

1. It is clear my calling is not in the foodservice industry.
2. When you work all morning and get hungry enough, you will partake in the feast even though you SAW what was happening as the 100+ kindergartners "helped" with the food preparation. Basically, you just hope that the 350 degree oven does its job.
3. You can actually cook for 100+ kindergartners with just one stove and a microwave when you have to get creative because the cook decides she's not going to let you use the school oven. Except for the pies. She will let you put 5 pies in her oven, but she will neglect to tell you that it's a convection oven and the pie will cook in half the time, and no, don't worry about it, I'll watch that pie for you and take it out when it's ready. Or blackened. Whichever comes first (blackened). As an aside here, have I mentioned before about my theory that there is a certain type of person who works in the school foodservice system or drives the buses? One and the same. They all intimidate me.
4. It is annoying when parents who did not help prepare the food for the 100+ kindergartners show up and eat leaving nothing for the parents who were at school all morning preparing the food for the 100+ kindergartners. Seriously. Some of us were scraping food out of the bowls at the end to see if there was anything left. And they didn't pay. I had to come home and have a bowl of cereal.

So instead of writing any sort of post about cooking for 100+ kindergartners, I'm just going to let you look at pictures of our vacation in August. 'Bout time.

I think I miss summer.


Kristie said...

I posted on the exact same annoyance last year (parents who do NOTHING, then show up and partake.) Only swap "kindergarten dinner" for "end of year ice cream sundae party". Seriously. I hate people. (well, except for YOU, of course!!)

Mom on the Run said...

I'm with you and Kristie on the "mooching" parents. We had an artist-in-residence teaching the students about the art of Chinese brush painting. A friend organized a reception where parents could see their children's artwork in the corridors of the school. She was horrified when kids and parents poured in to the school and headed straight for the refreshments without looking at the artwork. Soccer practice was going on and parents were "feeding" their children from the refreshments. It was a feeding frenzy...spilled drinks, half-eaten food on the platters.