Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Four Score and Seven Years Ago

Well, OK, maybe just five years ago, but I always wanted to write that. Anyway, five years ago at this time we were sitting at Columbus Children's after having just received Finn's leukemia diagnosis.

And now here I sit, five years later, grateful that tonight Finn talked so much that I had to tell him it was nighttime and it was time to stop talking. I might have felt a little guilty, too.

I look back at pictures of that time, and really, any pictures between Christmas '03 and April 7, 2004, just make me incredibly sad.

I'm glad I have stuff like this to look at now:


Beth said...

My first glimpse of Finn was the one where he had a cowboy hat on. You had it on the Caringbridge page. I fell in love with him then, and still he holds fast to my heart.

Oh, what agony. And now, what mischief!

Blessings beyond understanding.

in a world surrounded by men said...

YAY for kicking cancer's arse!!

So glad you are on the other side of that one!

1dreamr said...

I *love* happy endings!! :-)

Leeann said...

Finn and family,

We celebrate this moment with you and look forward to many, many more postings just like this one in the years to come.