Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random Things I Feel Like Writing Down Today

It's swell when someone is crying at the dinner table.

Tomorrow I'm getting a massage from my dentist. He's not giving me the massage, but he and his staff bought me a certificate for a massage. They gave the certificate to me in November. Given that I have had a child home sick nearly every week this winter, this is my first opportunity to use the certificate. Unless someone's head is falling off tomorrow, I'm going for that massage. I also get to go in the vapor caves. What are the vapor caves? Am I going to have the vapors like Harriet Oleson?

I'm watching a Biography on Clive Owen. He's hot.

I got on the scale. I have gained 4 pounds. So much for my jeans being too tight because of some Jean Manufacturer Conspiracy.

I am going to Chicago two weeks from tomorrow.

I know all the words to Paradise by the Dashboard Lights.

I still dream of being a cowgirl.

I don't have any shorts that fit me.

I have travel fever.

Andy Williams was on the Today Show the other day. There is no sign from the Andy Williams camp that they are aware that I am his biggest fan.

Tara, Craig and Garvin are back in the U.S. and will be in CO on 5/15.

Did Brad really move out of the house and leave Angelina?

My Grandpa will be 96 in June.

I'm reading another creepy serial killer book. I've got to stop that.

Is Kathy Smith's body for real?


Kristie said...


Not for me, thanks.


Never doubt the conspiracy. It is real.

Have fun!

Me, too!

Did you know Ree is my BFF?

Shorts are overrated and also require shaving.

Plan it -- do it! Preferably to OKC.

They must be made aware. Should I call someone?


If he did, he better be headed to my house.

Go, Grandpa!!

You are much braver than I am.

It's all photshop. (I'm kidding ... who is Kathy Smith?)

Amber said...

Ooh, what book?

And my summer clothes don't fit this year either....I think I need to get bigger sizes :( Or maybe I should stop eating junk food....

jean said...

I hope you enjoy your massage! I had one on Saturday - liked it so much that I'm going back at the end of May.

Chicago has been a LONG time coming - tell me again why we planned it so far out? Oh yeah, all of those sick kids... :-)

Glad to hear that Tara et al are safely back in the good ol' US of A.

It hit me when I saw Grandpa at Easter that he's almost 96. AGH! Where did the year go? He's REALLY getting old - 95 didn't sound old, but 96 does!

I don't wear shorts anymore except for yardwork - capris for me!

Haley said...

I believe it is more of a dryer/jeans company conspiracy. Kind of like the scene from Father of the Bride when Steve Martin goes nutso over the hotdogs and hotdog buns.

Good news on the Chicago front...spring seems to finally be here to stay! Cross those fingers and toes, but it was a beautiful weekend.