Monday, April 27, 2009

Ghostly Encounters

On Saturday, we went to Aspen for a soccer game. I love going to Aspen, but this isn't exactly the most picturesque time to be in ski country. In fact, it's very aptly known as mud season.

Even though we're still getting spring storms (like the one that came through last night and brought about an inch here, much more up valley), there are patches of muddy earth showing themselves on the ski slopes and the snow that's left is brownish.

Even so, after the soccer game, we went out to lunch and decided to drive up to an area called Ashcroft above Aspen.

Ashcroft, while once a booming metropolis of 2,500 inhabitants in the 1800s, is now a ghost town. I don't remember too many details from the signs at the ghost town. Eamonn read them out to all of us, but I was too busy repeatedly falling through the snowpack up to my knees and thighs to take in all of the details.

In fact, here is my friend, Patricia, falling in. I had already gone thigh deep on a number of occasions trying to get to the sign. There was a lot of shrieking and hysterical laughter. We're thinking that next year we should leave our snowshoes in the car. Until July. See those people in the background? They watched us fall through. And they left. Wimps.

It was really overcast on this day and it was actually spitting a little bit of rain on the drive up.

Eamonn, Patrick and the kids try to forge ahead to the sign about Ashcroft.

The men make it.

Finn gets left behind by the older kids. . .and is not amused.

The gang up ahead, already in the "town." Patricia and I are still crashing through the snow behind everyone. We would occasionally find bare earth to walk on. Only to fall through again a few steps later. Quite a good workout.

I'm very disappointed that the saloon is closed. I'm thirsty after all that work.

The old hotel.

Later in the hike, we find some solid ground.

Some soccer pics from earlier in the day. Declan's team won. This is a competitive team where we travel and score is actually kept. As if kids didn't keep score before. . .

Declan is sometimes the goalie.

After a save.

And finally, a healthcare postscript. ..
My biopsy came back clear. They'll retest in 4 months, but for now, no worries. Thanks everyone, as always, for your support!


M said...

Your ghost town puts mine to shame....but it's still worth seeing next time you go to visit your sister. That reservoir in Echo? My grandfather helped build it...he was the last living builder when he passed away in 1998.

Nice soccer pics :)

Kristie said...

So relieved to hear the good news!! Thanks for letting us know. I was doing that "worrying but not asking because I didn't want to be an obnoxious pushy person ..."

Amber said...

Hurray for positive results!!! And the ghost town looks very cool!

Mountain Mama said...

Looks really fun?! Not so much!

Gotta love spring in the mountains!
Again, NOT so much!!

Mamasita said...

Yay for good test results!

BTW - were some of those people wearing shorts to walk in the snow? Really?????

Leeann said...

How cool is that ghost town? Awesome!

Great family pic but Holy Moly, that is QUITE the head of hair on the Magic Finn!! lol

Glad your biopsy results came out okay, Natalie. :-)

Beth said...

Glad to hear the biopsy results!

We'd love to see that Ghost Town! But maybe after the snow completely melts.

Lisa L said...

Nothing worse than waiting for biopsy reports...been there, done that. I am so glad you are ok :)

Anonymous said...

Natalie, I thought of you yesterday when at my annual OB/GYN appointment squirreling my undies away before the doctor came in... :)

So glad to hear about your good results!!

Mary Z