Monday, April 20, 2009

Preparing for Hunger

Can you actually eat in advance so you're not hungry? I'm hoping so. I just downed two bowls of frosted mini wheats because I don't get to eat again until about 1pm tomorrow.

Skipping meals is not something I do well. In fact, I don't do it at all if I can help it. When people tell me they don't eat breakfast, I'm mystified. How do you even get rolling in the morning without something in your tummy?

I guess when I think about it I used to fast with Finn on days he had a spinal taps. Frankly, it sucked. We usually didn't get to eat anything until 1 or 2pm on those days. And there wasn't much drinking going on, either. By the end of it all, we were both usually pretty crabby and I always had a headache.

So tomorrow I have to go to Denver for a client meeting and I'm taking this opportunity to have some bloodwork done at a lab that does such things and then sends you the results without the info going into your health record. Because these are the kinds of steps you have to take when your health insurance is tenuous and you have an ongoing thyroid problem. Sigh. I know, I'm such a bundle of health and vitality lately, aren't I? Don't panic. I'm just trying to get a benchmark to see if some supplements I'm taking are helping my struggling thyroid.

Anyway, I have to fast for 10 - 12 hours before the blood test. Which would be no problem if I could hop out of bed at 8am and roll into the lab. But the lab is 2 1/2 hours away. And I have a meeting in the morning and can't leave very early. So my best guess is, with perfect weather and if Jupiter is aligned with Mars, I might make it to the lab by noon.

Several people have advised me to have some fruit with me so I can eat as soon as I'm finished.

Screw that. I'm going straight out for sushi.


Kristie said...

Screw *that*!! Have a kit-kat in your purse.

Leeann said...

Good luck with your blood test, hon.

Beth said...

Did you make it? Headache free? I hope it went by quickly. I'm not good at fasting either...

M said...

....and a beer!

Last time I fasted for a blood test I psyched myself up for it and then when I was making lunches I popped a piece of licorice in my mouth- ooooooops! Had to do it the next day!