Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another Day, Another Pokemon Pack

And another day closer to bankruptcy.

Yes, Finn made it through another day without crying. Once again, he was very, very proud. He high-fived Mr. Teacher who proclaimed it a Great Day.

I'm worried about two days off over the weekend. I think I've already mentioned this. But, as Hana, I have to repeat it to you ad nauseaum.

Tomorrow's goal? To earn a new book about Thomas the Tank Engine.

I can't take much more of the Pokemon. It sounds like the boys are talking in a foreign language when they talk about it. And they want to show me the cards over and over again.

Good night from Planet Pokemon. And thank you for your support.


in a world surrounded by men said...

YAY! I'm with you - I'd take Thomas until my dying day if I didn't have to deal with Pokeman EVER!!!

1dreamr said...

Oh this is such good news!!! :-)