Monday, September 22, 2008

I Hope it Lasts!

I think our OT might be a Super Genius. Remember I wrote about her idea to take Finn to the playground and swing him before school? Holy cow. It worked! I hadn't heard back from the school principal to see if we'd be allowed to use the school swings, so we walked to the pocket park near our house this morning. Granted, it was actually away from school, but it was actually nice because there weren't any kids there. They were all on their way to school!

On the way to the park, Finn talked about not wanting to go to school. We got to the swings. . .and within two minutes of starting to swing, his whole body posture changed. He relaxed, started looking around and was commenting on things going on in the neighborhood. I couldn't believe it. He chattered on as if he hadn't just been complaining minutes before.

We got 10 good minutes of swinging in and at the appointed time, he hopped off and we headed towards school. Only once on the walk to school did he comment, "I'll miss you at school." Other than that, he chattered on the way to school as if was a kid without a care in the world. I was holding my breath, quite frankly, but the good spirits seemed to hold. In line, he held my hand, but wasn't tearful--the first morning I felt like this was the case.

Really, the difference was astounding. Seeing that actual, physical change come over him was like. . .heck, I can't even think how to describe it. I wish I understood more about the science of it all, but then again, I didn't do very well in science and probably wouldn't really get it anyway. I'm just glad it worked.

In the end, we do have permission to use the school swings in the morning, but I think the park might be more our speed. We'll just have to leave a little earlier in the morning. When the weather gets colder, Eamonn said he'll hang a swing in the basement, but a mini-trampoline, rocking chair, or a yoga ball can accomplish the same things. Very cool.

On the uncool side of things, Declan was home sick today. I can't even remember the last time these two were sick and now both in a two week period. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come this winter.


1dreamr said...

Wow, that's awesome! The whole idea that something as seemingly simple as the back and forth motion of the swing can make such a difference - incredible! Cheers to that brilliant OT!! So glad things are going well!

Mountain Mama said...

Yipee! Who knew? A swing! That is all one needs.

Any turkeys that you want me to "match-make"?

Amanda said...

Yeah, I am glad you had a good day. The swings are magic for us each morning too.

freckles said...

oh I am so glad! my daughter who also has sensory issues, loves to swing. I was hoping it would help Finn too!

Anonymous said...

Pocket park? I have never heard that term. Does it imply a neighborhood park or a subdivision park?


Mom on the Run said...


I am thrilled. I guess that is why babies loved to be rocked and placed in the baby swing. I have also seen swings in classrooms for children with special needs. I myself love to swing on our playground swing. Alhough there are times when the swing is a little snug for me!

So glad to hear that the swing worked. I have found our OT at school to be full of good ideas. I have a daughter with handwriting issues. Our OT suggested that she write her papers on top of a magazine...it worked her handwriting improved.


Anonymous said...

I am SO glad to hear this!!!! And a swing in the basement sounds so cool, go for it!!!

Amber in Mansfield