Friday, September 19, 2008

Another Step Forward

This morning's report: Another baby step forward. Finn mentioned that he did not want to go to school, but he wasn't tearful at drop off today. I didn't feel like he was teetering on the edge, which has unknotted my stomach a little.

Possibly helping the situation is that his little preschool friend, Olivia, had her own meltdown at school yesterday. I think it helped him to see that other people get upset and then can pull themselves together, recover and go on with their day. I suggested to Finn that maybe if Olivia, or anyone else for that matter, got upset, maybe he could help by giving them a hug and telling them it would be OK.

Some of you had suggested, and I had thought about this myself, that it might help to have a "buddy" assigned to Finn to keep watch over him. But I have quickly realized that kindergartners are notoriously fickle and it was probably unrealistic to ask any one kid to be the one to always be there for Finn. You know how they are--"Jack said he's not going to be my friend today. . .Carlos stepped on my foot and I don't like him anymore. . .Carter is my best friend today. . .Carlos is my best friend today. . ." I can't keep track of it. So my other thought was instead of having a buddy, it might pull Finn out of his own head to BE a buddy to someone when he sees they need help. Not that I wish Olivia a bad day or anything, but I'd be curious to see how he'd react if she needed help.

I now have five hours to complete my 1,800 word article. It's about half finished. Help.


Leeann said...


Keep going Finn!

And Natalie, when you consider some of the things kids are into these days, Pokemon is very cool!
My kids all like them, from age 13 to age 6. :-)


1dreamr said...

Awesome progress! Great idea to suggest to Finn that he can help Olivia when she's having a bad day. :-)

SuperSuz said...

Yay Finn! Yay Natalie!

I know you are proud of him and YOU! We are!

Anonymous said...

I've been keeping up with the "Finn news" and must say, you are doing a fabulous job! Being an advocate for your child is the number one priority--especially now that he's in school. I often worry that I'm taking advantage of being a "staff parent" (having a kid in the building where I teach) but I also know that if I'm needed, I'm a hallway away. Being visible, available, and unafraid to stick up for your child are THE most important things we can do as parents when it comes to the education of our children.
(Like Red Green says, "We're all in this together.") You've got a support group standing behind you all the way!
Big Ohio hugs,

Mom on the Run said...

"Everybody's working for the weekend..." Sounds like both of you deserve the rest. I like the idea of Finn being a buddy to someone. It might help him to feel included.

I am with you on the kindergarten is different for each kid. My son knows his letters, numbers, can sound out words, etc., so the daily repetition of this information leads him to talk. So for him kindergarten is about learning how to behave in an appopriate manner in a school setting. I have a feeling if he can survive the roteness of K he will love first grade.