Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Status Quo--which is OK

Today's drop off for Finn was much the same as yesterday. He was tearful, but not crying. We walked Declan to his class line first. I'm trying to time things sl that we are not standing outside saying goodbye for so long. I don't want to just put him in line and run off because many of the parents stand and wait with their kids. But I also don't want this big, prolonged goodbye. So I was hopign that by going to Declan's line first, we could avoid this. Those kindergerten teachers really wait until the bitter end to go in which is foiling my plan.

Ironically, I think once he gets there, he has a good time. Several of the aides made it a point to tell me they dropped in during the course of the day to see what he was doing and each time he was not crying and was engaged in what was going on. Mrs. Angel said he was a little worried at lunch, but ultimately he was fine and he ate most of his lunch, which I always consider a good sign.

My goals is just for each day to be a little better.


Kristie said...

Natalie, I'm so glad to her things are improving a little bit each day --- I'm sure it's reassuring to Finn, as well!

This year (3rd grade) is the first year since Pre-K that Kendrie has NOT had a warm, fuzzy, loving teacher. Don't get me wrong, her teacher is fine ... she's just not what Kendrie is used to and she's already asking to change classes. You're right, contemplating that is easier ... but sticking it out is what is best, even if it does stink in the meantime.

Keep up the good work ---- ironic that the worst experience of his life is the very one that has you already prepared to be an advocate for him. Blessings in disguise????

Lynn's mom said...

Oh Natalie, I must have "checked out" of reading your news since the first day of school. I'm sorry things have been so fraught, but you are doing all the best things. Thank goodness for your mother's wisdom and for all the things that are going well. I teach informal science classes for kids of all ages, and SPD issues are often a big deal in science investigations (smelly, squishy, flashy, bubbly, gooey). I promise I won't lose track of you again! Jane in MN

1dreamr said...

Baby steps are just fine. Your goal of every day being a little better is an excellent one. Each little victory warrants a bit of a celebration - hey, bribery can be a good thing! :-)

I love the vision of Finn sitting in circle raising his hand to participate! And, the fact that he did better at lunch is a GREAT sign! I'm glad you're able to get some "front line" reports from your army of angels!! :-)