Friday, September 19, 2008

Made it to the Weekend

I, for one, am so happy that Friday is here. Usually, being self-employed, I don't really care if it's the weekend or a weekday--work happens when it needs to happen regardless of the day of week. But, this week is different. I feel like I worked emotionally all week and I'm exhausted! However, I can't explain why the only thing I really got done was that IFRS article and that was just by the skin of my teeth. I wonder if I'll ever stop procrastinating? Probably not.

At any rate,this was Finn's first full week of school and he was exhausted, too. Finn has always just announced, "I'm ready for bed," when he was tired. Even when he was just new to walking, if we hadn't put him in bed yet and he was ready to go, he'd walk to his crib and stand there. He's a boy who likes his bed. Until 6am. And then good luck keeping him in there--he's up and rarin' to go. He is under strict orders to stay in bed until 7am tomorrow.

We'll see.

I want to see if we can go 48 hours without talking about school. I talked to Finn's OT today and we're working on some plans to continue to ease the morning transition to school. One suggestion is to take Finn to the school playground first and swing him for about 5 minutes. The front and back motion can organize his nervous system for up to 8 hours following the activity. Isn't that amazing that we (not "me" "we", I mean "science" "we") can know things like this about our bodies. Anyway, the difficulty comes in because the kids aren't allowed to play on the playground before school. Seems kind of whack to me, but I've e-mailed the principal to see if we can get an exception. Why am I always asking for exceptions? I hate having to do that.

It's a sports-related weekend here--soccer game for Declan and a hockey clinic for both Eamonn and Declan. I think Finn and I will sleep. Actually we'll probably play trains.

At any rate, thanks to everyone for their support this week. Have a great weekend!


1dreamr said...

Enjoy the weekend - you've earned it! :-)

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing that science is constantly proving things we know, chicken soup is good for you. And children need activity to function best. We began every day before catholic school playing four square in the parking lot/playground of St. Ladislos.
God Bless you

Anonymous said...

Hoping Finn (and yourself) had a good Monday!

Amber in Mansfield

freckles said...

how did it go today? :)