Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dear Mother Nature,

March 26, 2009--noon

Dear Mother Nature,
Remember how sad I was in January, February, and even early March when you didn't make it snow in the mountains? OK, you did send some snow to the resorts, I'll give you that, but it wasn't really enough to make the skiing great. I would have given anything for a couple of powder sprinkles here and there and even at our elevation. I hate early thaws that let the nasty brown grass and all of the road grit show. It's just dirty looking and I can't stand it.

Over time I started to accept that fact that we were just weren't going to have much snow after all and that it would be an early spring. I decided I was ready for the warmth of summer. I'm sick of the kids being sick. We just need a good heat wave now to dry up all of the germs that have been festering all winter long.

So when the meteorologists started talking about a snowstorm for yesterday and today, I didn't really pay much attention. That has happened multiple times this winter--the promise of snow, my hopes up only to be dashed with the storm missing us yet again.

The drive to Denver yesterday had its dicey moments, but by the time we hit Georgetown, things were clear and dry. Over the course of the afternoon, which we were able to spend at an outdoor museum, the wind picked up, the temperature dropped, and we headed to. . .Chuck E. Cheese. I know, this goes against all I stand for, and yet, I did it anyway.

The news people said you would do it, Mother Nature, but I didn't believe them. So many times this winter they said you would send a storm, and yet, you did not. So when The Worst Storm of the Season was predicted, I was a doubter. Eight to 12 inches in Denver, they announced. Measuring it in feet in the mountains, they warned. But frankly, I didn't really hear all of that until I was already in Denver. I'd been in Utah after all and was out of the weather loop.

When we woke up this morning, there was a mere sprinkling of snow. Ha, I thought. You call that a storm? We went to breakfast and then prepared to head out. And there it was. The Worst Storm of the Season had actually started and you weren't messing around this time. In fact, after about an hour of heavy snow and high winds, it became readily apparent that we would be held hostage in Denver for the next day. Hopefully no more than that.

We're holed up in a hotel in Littleton. Fortunately there is a pool. Unfortunately, the room is very small. All they want to do is eat. This could get ugly.

So, Mother Nature, while I would have wished this to happen much earlier in the year, I'll not harp on and on about it. I'm mildly inconvenienced, but am glad that I didn't actually start the drive home and get stranded so that I had to sleep in a shelter along the way somewhere. This is great news for the resorts and hopefully it will bring people to the mountain.

I'll also be grateful for the nice day we had yesterday. Could any two days be more different?

Anyway, sorry to bend your ear, but I think it's time for spring. For real. You waited too long and missed your chance, so let's just get on with it, OK?


I am delighted to discover Little House on the Prairie dolls in the museum gift shop. I didn't purchase them, however.

Heading through the outdoor life museum in Littleton. It's sort of like a mini Ohio Village for those of you who live in Columbus.

A farm friend.

Checking out the outhouse.

Lambing season is here. Just in time for Easter dinner. Kidding. I'm totally kidding. Maybe. "Sonny, true love is the greatest thing, in the world-except for a nice MLT - mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich, where the mutton is nice and lean and the tomato is ripe." Name that movie.

This turkey kept trying to peck my lens. I think their heads are kind of freaky.

Looks like spring to me. Or not.


Kristie said...

The Princess Bride!! The Princess Bride!! Oh my gosh, my head nearly exploded when I knew the movie!!!! :)

I have a t-shirt that reads "Have fun storming the castle" and Blaine has one with a name tag on the chest with "Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die" typed on the tag.

Ha!!! I crack my self up!!

Love the photos, especially the outhouse ... and when did you hair get so long?? :)

Enjoy the mini-vaction!

Marci said...

Ooh Kristie beat me to it--the Princess Bride of course! and what actor played that party--Billy Crystal or course!

1dreamr said...

Great pics! Okay, though, I'm with Kristie -- when the heck did your hair get so long???!! I swear it was just short...like VERY recently. That raw food (and Chuck E Cheese pizza) must do wonders for hair growth!!!!

I hope you get home soon and safely!

Jess said...

Figures. I save my reading for the evening through my RSS Feed and the one time that I know the answer to something (anything!) I get beat.

Houston is getting beat up on as well. But our 80 degree weather makes it nice. We did get snow this year though - first time in 4 years!!

M said...

My daughter was in that snow in Utah...and she got to ski in it...with FREE ski tickets to Deer Valley!!

Enjoy your trip...wow! it's been ages since I went to Chuck E. Cheese!

Cool dolls...I read all those books :)

Leeann said...

You know , I've decided that talking about the weather is akin to commenting that the kids haven't been sick in months.. you are just begging for a takedown.



jean said...

Knowing that Finn has a penchant for baring his lily white bum in public (where does he get that, anyway?!), I'm hoping that he REALLY didn't 'check out' the outhouse... :-)