Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pasty White

Today as I approached the school to pick up the boys, I could see Finn was lying facedown on the concrete.

What the?

He didn't seem to be crying, but I picked up the pace a little. Did I mention he came home sick one day each week for the last two weeks? So I wasn't sure what was happening with the lying on the concrete thing. Did he fall? Is he feeling sick? A meltdown?

As I got closer, I could see his pants were pulled up well over his knees.


Me: Finn! What are you doing? Why are you lying on the sidewalk?

Finn: I'm suntanning!

Me: The Irish don't suntan son. Please cover yourself immediately before you're vaporized.

Cue hysterical laughing from the other mothers.


Anonymous said...

That is hysterical...I have one like Finn...he literally glows in the dark!

Cate said...

Finn, the pigmentally challenged Irish will never, ever suntan. Just a fact of life, kiddo.

Leeann said...

So Natalie, are things fine at school now with Finn? Is he happy and settled there?

Kristie said...

Too funny!

Hey, not related to this post, but blog related .... would you do me a favor the next time you update and see if your link in my sidebar also updates? I am having trouble with this ... for example, this post, dated March 20, did not show up in my links until March 22 .. then showed "posted two days ago" .... Hmmmm. I hate technology.

The Professional Bag Lady said...

TeeHee... that is too funny... I too am a freckle magnet...