Sunday, March 8, 2009


I just went 48 hours without accessing a computer. It was really weird.

The amazing people at Make-A-Wish called a few weeks ago and wanted to say thank you to us for the radio interviews we did for their radio-thon back in December. Although doing the radio interviews had meant pulling the kids out of school for an additional two days, we didn't mind. It was for a good cause. And believe me, the kids didn't care they were missing two more days of school. How scholarly of them.

Anyway, Make-A-Wish called and said they'd like to send us to the Ritz Carlton. . .at Bachelor Gulch for two nights. A donor, who I've actually had the opportunity to interact with while we were working out the details of our stay, wasn't able to use their timeshare and she had read about how you can donate nights to Make-A-Wish. Which is what she did. Very cool.

Hilariously, Bachelor Gulch is about 20 minutes from our house. We've been there before to ski, but have never stayed there. The kids were off school on Friday, so Thursday after school, off we went to check in at the Ritz. May I just say that the Ritz really knows how to spoil people. The skiing was terrible--it just hasn't been the greatest snow year around here--but who cares? We were too busy hanging out around the fire pit roasting marshmellows, sitting in the hot tub, watching movies, and just marveling at what it's like to be a tourist in our own town. It's pretty fun to see life here as others do when they come to visit.

As an added bonus, my sister Erin and her family came from Utah and stayed in our house while we were at the Ritz. While I did clean the toilets before they got here, their accomodations were slightly less posh than ours. Fortunately they came up and joined us for a day of skiing and marshmellow roasting.

I don't know why, but marshmellows seem to taste better at the Ritz.

Reality check: I need to catch up on 48 hours of e-mail.


Beth said...

How very cool. Your Posh surroundings made me think of that song in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

And now, back to your regularly scheduled life...

1dreamr said...

Sounds great!!!

Autumn said...

Awesome! I am so happy for you!!

Mom on the Run said...

Very cool on the Ritz part. Not so cool on the e-mail part. Hopefully you can delete a bunch of e-mails right away.