Monday, March 9, 2009

Squirm TV

Did anyone else watch the Bachelor finale last week? Let me start by saying that I didn't actually watch the show itself. I just happened to be working the other night and was flicking around (sometimes I like to have aimless chatter on in the background while I work, sometimes not) and saw the last 20 minutes of the finale.

Now, I enjoy a good dose of reality TV--Amazing Race is pretty much my favorite show--as much as the next person (or not), but that finale and the "After the Final Rose" show, or whatever it was called, had me literally squirming in my seat.

First, can you say awkward? Eek! I was literally watching the guy boo hoo on TV and I was feeling decidedly uncomfortable. I'm all for a man being OK with showing his feelings, but puhleeze! Get a grip, Bachelor. He could not shut off the faucet and I felt the urgent need to slap some sense into him. Then the kissing. UGH! The kissing. How do you go from dumping someone, proposing to someone, dumping her, trying to get back with the originally dumped girl to making out on national TV, all within the same hour? Gack! Can't you just hold hands and then get a room after the show?

And now I can't turn on the TV or pick up a magazine without seeing Jason and Molly. There he was on Jimmy Kimmel. And again on Ellen. And when Molly came onstage to join Jason mid-way through the interview, they hugged and kissed and engaged in more PDA that made me squirm. Didn't you just see each other in the Green Room? Is this necessary?

The crowning blow. There they are on the cover of my most recent People magazine.

I don't know what to think about what this says about me that I never even watched the show, but am apparently mesmerized by these two individuals I do not know, am annoyed by, and yet cannot avert my gaze from. (I know it's incorrect to end a sentence with a preposition, but let's just roll with it)

I'm going to shred the magazine in righteous indignation. . .right after I finish reading it.


1dreamr said...

But alas, the dumpee (is her name Melissa??) may come out on top afterall. Did you see her on Dancing with the Stars tonight? She was a last minute replacement for someone who got injured. She only had two days to prepare and did an *amazing* job (clearly has a dance background). Go Melissa!

Mamasita said...

Let me read your People before you shred it. My subscription ran out and I refuse to buy it from the grocery store. I don't know if I am ready to be know as "People people" to the general public yet.

BTW, I am with you on the suggestion you left on my FB about moving to Arizona so that we don't have to participate in DST. I mean, really, who likes losing an hour of sleep?? However, I want to keep the ending of DST in October/November where we gain an hour of sleep. Can we still participate on that part??

Mom on the Run said...

I'm a reality TV junkie for everything from Intervention to the Duggars to Rock of Love...but I hate the Bachelor/ette with a passion. I don't know why. At least with R of Love the participants are absurd and doing it to get on TV. The Bachelors and girls seem so artificial. Bleh.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch the show either, but had heard a teaser that the final bachelor show had a twist at the end. I watched the end to see the twist and am now sucked in about Melissa, Jason, & Molly.
However, this has made me not want to watch any part of the bachelor/ette ever again. I do not care about these people.