Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Declan!

9 years old today!

And unfortunately down with a stomach virus. On his birthday.


sportzmom said...

Okay, that is just WRONG! Hope he feels better tomorrow. I can't believe how old he is! I remember back when I first started following your blog...it goes by so quickly! Have a great weekend.

1dreamr said...

Happy Birthday, Declan! I hope you feel better tomorrow so you can celebrate!

(Love that pic!)

Kristie said...

Well of course he's down with a stomach virus on his birthday. As soon as he feels better, why don't you have him clean toilets or do your ironing, too, and really round out his weekend???

Declan, make your parents let you celebrate a few days late, ok? Happy Birthday!!

Amber said...

It's a bummer to be sick on your birthday. Hoping he feels better soon. And that it doesn't spread to the rest of you!

Mountain Mama said...

Happy Birthday, Declan!

Get well and party BIG!!!