Thursday, March 12, 2009

Little Gits on the Prairie

This is what Eamonn calls my favorite childhood show, which was, of course: Little House on the Prairie. He was forced to watch it (along with the Waltons) with his three sisters as a child. My guess is that his memories of Little House are not so fond as mine.

I confess that I own two seasons on DVD. And although I own two seasons on DVD, some days when I'm working on a simple project, I'll have the TV on in the background and if Little House is on, I'll watch. The Family Channel airs it three times a day. It makes me happy.

Sometimes my friend Karen and I send each other Little House trivia via e-mail. I thought I was good, but Karen pretty much takes the prize with her Little House knowledge. I do pride myself in the fact that if I happen to miss the title while the opening credits are rolling, I can tell what episode it is within the first five seconds. I can do the same with the Brady Bunch. An admirable talent, I know.

Recently, I think someone at the Family Channel has been a little lax in their duties. In the morning, two back to back episodes run. A week or two ago, the first episode of the morning was the one where Mary qualifies for the state math competition (that episode is called "The Pride of Walnut Grove" for those of you burning to know). The second episode was the one where Ma cuts her leg on a piece of wire and nearly dies of infection (called "A Matter of Faith"). Neither of these is my favorite, but I watched anyway.

This morning, I happened to flip through channels during breakfast and saw the same two episodes on this morning. What the heck Family Channel? With nine seasons to choose from, I don't think we need to be repeating just two weeks apart. Granted, that last season after Ma and Pa left were pretty lame, and how Shannon Doherty ended up on there, I'll never know, but anyway, I've now created an entire blog post about how I'm annoyed with the Family Channel and their programming error today.

I didn't watch, if that makes you feel any better.

But I did call my sister to get her interpretation of the episode about Ma. When Ma is sterilizing the knife and wielding it around at the end, what is she trying to do? Is she going to attempt to amputate her own leg? Other than that poor guy who had to saw off his own arm when he was trapped between two rocks in a remote Utah canyon several years ago, I don't know how successful people have been at self-amputation. Is this what Ma is thinking: "I'll just cut my leg off real quick and then head on over to the barn raising?" Is she just going to cauterize the wound with the hot knife? Is she going to dig out the infected part of the leg? I wondered this as a kid and it weighs heavy on my mind to this day. Maybe I'll write a fan letter to Karen Grassle and see what she thinks.

Got a favorite Little House Episode? Mine are:
-Any episode involving a holiday or conflict with Nellie Oleson, particularly the Bunny episodes.

And here's some trivia. See if you can beat Karen.

Q. What is the name of the raccoon Laura brings home as a pet in season one?


Jane Copes (Professor Sepoc) said...

I'd say she learned her lesson . . . so if she happened to cut herself with the knife, it would be clean. Don't you think the books were better? Sorry, just my opinion. Jane

Anonymous said...

Wow--I can't believe this but I am not sure about this one. I am going over the episode in my head.....it starts with an R.....oh no!!!

I just got it Jasper phew I was getting worried.
I agree with Jane because I read all the books and they are better. However, as far as family shows go LHOTP was good family entertainment. That is until the last few seasons when Albert became addicted to heroin etc....

Anyhow anyone notice there aren't really shows like this on tv today thst families can watch together?

Karen in CT

Kristie said...

I loved any episode with that snotty Nelly and her lame-brain brother Willy. Man, those were some annoying kids! It was like a train wreck .... I couldn't quit watching!

manda said...

Loved the show as a kid, hated Nellie Oleson, and wanted to be Laura-such a spunky girl.

My grandma lives in Walnut Grove, Minnesota not far from Plum Creek. They do a Laura Ingalls Wilder pageant that is outside every year in June and they have the school house, Jack's grave, and a couple museums. It is definitely worth a trip.

Mountain Mama said...

Ah shucks! Anonymous beat me to it. Jasper!!!

One of my faves is "Bunny". Laura got some sweet revenge on Nellie in that episode.

You do have amazing talent. I am quite impressed.

I totally am with you on the whole knife thing and Ma. Very troubling for me.

Anonymous said...

Dude, she was cutting out the infection. That's one of my favorite episodes! Every time, I am upset that Reverend Alden doesn't try harder before he takes off with the pies and leaves her...
I don't like the episodes with Jenny either - but love Almanzo, so I suffer through. I just do! I can't help it. I do think that Laura became more irritating and bossy as she grew up...I don't know how Manly could stand her. Maybe there really WAS something to that whole Brenda Sue episode...:)
Stephanie M.

Jane Copes (Professor Sepoc) said...

Living in Minnesota, we did get to do the "Laura tour" when our daughter was 8 and 9 . . . pageant in Walnut Grove was great. Everyone in town was in it, I think. Western Minnesota and the Dakotas are beautiful country. Manda, you are so lucky to have your grandma in your life.

Anonymous said...


Marci said...

Nat--you will never understand why we are friends...i can honestly say I have NEVER seen one episode!!

Leeann said...


I have to tell you that I have kept this post on my reader for days because every time I see the post title:

Little Gits on the Prairie

I actually snort with laughter. That is so freaking funny!

I liked the very early episodes. As the kids grew up, it all went downhill. Although I did have a righteous crush on Matthew Laborteaux.


Jenn Freeman said...

The show is also on all day on the Hallmark Channel (don't know if you get it). We have it so I can watch Murder She Wrote. Which Danny LOVES! You don't want to know what he calls it.
Glad St. Baldricks went well! Love the pics.