Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shaving the Way to a Cure

Our town held its annual St. Baldrick's Day fundraiser on Saturday--thank you to everyone who donated (thank you notes are printed and will be forthcoming)! The event raised over $30,000 and all proceeds to go St. Baldrick's which is the largest volunteer driven fundraiser for pediatric cancer.

Declan was elated to break the $1,000 mark by receiving $1,001.79 in donations. He doubled his goal! Eamonn raised more than $500.

It was a fun, thought-provoking day, as always. Our local paper ran a nice article and some pictures that you can check out HERE.

Or you can check out my pictures of the big day HERE.

So on behalf of us, thank you for being there and helping us contribute to this worthy cause. Maybe someday cancer fundraisers will be obsolete. . .wouldn't that be so cool?

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Leeann said...

YAY!! Glad you all were able to raise so much money. Congrats!

Finn looked super cute in those pictures, btw!